The Royal Wedding, Weekend – 12

Man : woow.. the bride soo pretty. But wait, Kate or Pippa (the bridesmaid) ? which better? *thinking*

Woman : aaah~ when will I could be the bride like her? *dreaming*


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  1. Sya says:

    It is most woman’s dream to be the bride, queen for a day 🙂

  2. @helgaindra says:

    bride apaan yak?
    *buka google translate*

  3. Sya says:

    Belum ada yang baru Syl?

  4. puputs says:

    Kate cantik, tapi Pippa jugaaaa

  5. arif says:

    takbosan mengagumi kecantikan kate 😀

  6. lintasberita says:

    Semoga pernikahannya langgeng ga ada perselingkuhan seperti P.Charles….tukeran link yuk di Tukar Link Otomatis

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