Recent Beauty Haul


You know, when you’ve got no wants, but things just catch your eye. That’s how I bought these items, apart from lip balm and lipstick. First, I actually just accompany my friend bought some skin care and came back with 2 products above. Second, I just randomly visit online shop and decided to buy 2 products again because it’s on sale. Woman’s habit, yes?

So let’s start with Bioderma Sensibio 2.0, one of my favorite blogger said this is the beauty product which Parisian women cannot live without. This is a watery makeup remover, first step to clean my face before using my usual foam cleanser. It’s very gentle, not greasy, and it doesn’t make my face feeling tight.

Laneige -one of my favorite skin care brand- launched Clear C Advance Effector few months ago and claimed this as a boosting essence. It should be your first skincare step before applying toner and moisturizer. It’s watery so absorbed very quicky on my face. I’ve used this for a week, but unfortunately it didn’t work as I expected, my acnes became worse and maybe because it contains alcohol (my skin is really sensitive). I think I have to stuck with their skin refiner (toner) only, no alcohol and makes my skin better.

Rainy season is coming! so I bought Sephora peony body butter to keep my skin hydrating. Smooth in textures and it’s not sticky at all like other body butter. Ah, I really love the scent! it lasts for a long time. After 3-4 hours the scent still lingered on my skin.

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8 (Latte Rosy), check out these photos below, the color is so beautiful right?

Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #8

The dusty rose color suitable for fall season (yeaah early rainy season for me), it’s not too matte nor too glossy and has a light texture. It dries quicky when it touches your lips, but it doesn’t make your lip dry. Have a variety color that you can choose, and trust me, they’re all beautiful.

Nuxe Lip Balm

Finally, the best thing I bought had to be from Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm. It’s reviewed on many blogs and they said this product absolutely amazing. It has thick consistency and very moisturizing. Better applied at night before you sleep, in the morning you’ll get a plump lips and say goodbye to cracky lips.

This is the best lip balm i’ve ever used. a lil bit pricey, yes! but it’s worth for every single penny. Your expensive and precious lipstick can look better if your lips healthy right?

Have you bought any nice new makeup or skin care recently?

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