Last year, I wrote 25 things on my bucket list to celebrate (and announce people) my birthday. So here we go~ I tell you 26 things that make me (and maybe you) happy

    1. Collecting recipes
    2. Strolling around supermarket
    3. to buy the ingredients and important-but-not-so-important things
    4. Sunday! Who doesn’t love Sunday? Oh wait, it’s chaptersunday :p
    5. Lazing around on weekend
    6. and playing heroes game
    7. or watching Korean/Japan drama #pffftt
    8. and Korean variety show  *Superman Returns and Running Man are my FAV!
    9. Family time!
    10. Singing?
    11. when nobody’s watching and I’m happily screaming and jumping
    12. Watching CNBLUE live performance ♥♥
    13. Random chit-chat with my old friends
    14. and meeting them unexpectedly
    15. ‘Girl Talks Boy Talks’ session with my friend, Adhi, you’re the best!
    16. Leaving work on time!
    17. Strolling around in bookstore, alone. No it’s not weird, it’s freedom~~
    18. Reading comics
    19. Listening Minguk’s laughter
    20. and watching him playing with his triplet brothers Daehan and Manse ♥♥
    21. A good hair day without straightening my hair *sigh
    22. Taking candid photo of someone with my camera
    23. and then they setting it as their profile picture in socmed, yeaaay!
    24. Blogging, writing random things without thinking
    25. and You, silent reader who taking your time to read my blog
    26. and commenting or maybe following? ; p

So, what’s yours?


nb: video cr to the owner

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynn says:

    happy birthday Pres! hihi aku #TeamManse ❤

    1. presyl says:

      thank you lynn! hihi aku juga #TeamManse >.<

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