October Favorites!

Not many stories I’ve posted in October so I make a random list of my favorite (recently) in no particular order.

  1. AKMU (Akdong Musician) – Time and Fallen Leaves

I’ve been a fan of them since a few months ago, their 1st album was a big hit, slayed the charts and predicted to get the best rookie award in the end of year. A week ago their new single was out (Time and Fallen Leaves), and I got hooked when the first time I heard the song. I listen the song over and over again even for a single day and never get bored. Weird? no, their music is beautiful!

2. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick – no 04, Peach Club

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

It’s more like a lip tint/cream with matte finish and don’t worry it won’t make your lip dry (but still I apply the lip balm first). The good thing is I don’t have to reapply after eating or drinking! Hah! me likey. It’s faded away but the color still look nice. Expert Tip: apply your lipstick with your fingertip to get a softer look, if you’re not brave enough with bold colors (like me).

3. Lip Scrub from The Bath Box

The Bath Box Bon Bon Lip Taffy

They claimed this product contains 100% natural ingredients (sugar, cocoa powder, shea butter, etc), and I have to say I like this a lot. Every 2-3 days I find myself enjoy scrubbing my lip (not mention I enjoy licking it cause it’s so sweeeett) and get my lip softer and more healthy. They have another good products, and I think I’ll make special post to review all of them.

4. Oreo Blended McFlurry

picture cr.  MCDIndonesia

Vanilla Ice Cream + Oreo crumbled + Blackcurrant/Strawberry Syrup (I prefer blackcurrant) + Nata = THE BEST!

5. Begin Again Soundtrack by Keira Knightley Blame Yonghwa for influence me with his favorite songs, hahaha. Her voice is not extravagant like the other diva, but good enough when you listen the songs before you sleep or on your way back home, stuck in traffic jam. It made me relax and easy to fall asleep. My favorite songs are Like a Fool, Lost Stars, A Step You Can’t Take Back and Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home. Go! Go! Go! Click the link and listen 🙂


Such a random post rite? it’s okay laah. Btw, this is my 1st post in english, I hope it won’t looked weird, hahaha

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynn says:

    gosh , now i am curious of the mcflurry hahaha!
    wanna see your lip with that peach lipstick 😉

    1. presyl says:

      You have to try lynn!! Ngga nyesel, haha

  2. McFlurry-nya kenapa menggoda sekaliiii :9

    1. presyl says:

      Ayooo dicoba sar

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